So, why a blog?

Some of you may be thinking, sooo why a blog. You’re appealing to brides to be, what do you need a blog for? Why does anyone start a blog? Obviously with the intention of making millions in passive income with minimal to no effort.

Just kidding.

Although increasing clientele is a main driver of this blog (no bullshit here),  I also wanted a place to let my personality shine (well, hopefully it shines). If you spend a lot of time online, which nowadays who doesn’t, you’ll notice there are a lot of scams.

False promises.

Overly priced services.

You get it.

Even with that, studies show that two thirds of online adults shop online AT LEAST once a month and that’s only in the US.  How many of you have bought a service online? Raise your hand right now  because EVERYONE is online. Looking at wedding invitations, buying center pieces, selecting a personal trainer…the online industry is dominating. Besides over half the population survives off of Amazon Prime.

Ummm…I can get mascara, dog food, AND those hot booties all with 2 day shipping. #worthiteverydamntime

So how do you decide who you can buy from and who to trust?

You read reviews. You talk to friends. And then you go with your gut. Guess what makes that process easier – when you can relate to someone. And if you don’t know anything about me, how can you relate? And why would you want to buy my services?!  I’m here to change that!

If you’re purchasing a service, you choose the person you LIKE. The person who makes you laugh, cry, and want to drop and do 50 push ups right then and there! Not that you actually do that, obviously, but the motivation is there…we’ll get to the actual push ups later.

That, ladies, is what I am hoping to accomplish, ideally with more laughing than crying, and a lot of actual push ups.

Now I’m not saying I will share every detail of my life in this blog. Trust me you don’t want that, I spend a lot of time fawning over my dog. However, I am hoping that my followers will start to get to know ME. My training style, my no bullshit attitude, and my raw passion for helping women to feel radiant and confident on one of the most important days of their lives. With that said, 

I promise to be real.

To provide information with honesty. 

To push you to be your best.

And to be there for every drop of sweat, crazy in-law, and f-bomb along the way.

If this isn’t your style don’t worry, I won’t take it personal. If it is, swap your stilettos for cross trainers and fix your lipstick – we’re about to kick some ass and get you WeddingFIT.

XO RealFitnessMaven

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