How to set SMART goals.

Lets be real, every one of us is guilty of setting completely ridiculous goals. If I eat carrot sticks and drink lemon cayenne water nonstop for 3 weeks, and run 10 miles twice a day…I can lose 35lbs before… wait, what?

Don’t let those crazy fad diets promising to drop 10lbs in 10 days fool you. Losing weight is HARD WORK. And losing weight too fast can lead to more problems than a few excess pounds. Its important you have a realistic grasp on how long it will really take to accomplish your goals before you get started. Otherwise you’ll be pissed off, hangry, and polishing off your second bottle of wine before your two weeks in.

So first lets talk what is realistic when it comes to weight loss? In general, females can aim for anywhere from 1lb – 2lbs/ week when actively cutting calories and exercising frequently.

(But, thats a huge range! How do I know what to expect?)

Every woman is different when it comes to weight loss. It depends on how active you are, what your resting metabolism is (don’t worry we’ll get there), how many calories you’re consuming, how much muscle you have, and even hormone levels.

You know that special week once a month that makes all of us crazy bitches?? Yeah, don’t expect to lose much that week. Depressing right? I know.

(SO I crave chocolate, wine, and carbs like a bat outta hell and even if I resist I STILL wont lose weight, because ..hormones? ugh. #somuchhardertobeawoman #remindyourfiance)

But don’t worry! There are women every day succeeding in the fat loss struggle and I’m here to teach exactly how to be one of them! Just don’t think it wont come with some serious sweat and burpees. So lets talk goals. Even better, lets talk SMART goals.

What is a SMART goal? SMART is an acronym created by who knows, but its used in the fitness community ALL THE TIME. Why? Because it works. SMART stands for –

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Timely

Every time you set a goal for yourself, I want you to make sure it fits this criteria. Don’t set yourself up for failure, in the fitness world, things move at a snails pace. But long term results achieved slowly and consistently will be much more a life-changer, than crash diets.  It’s important to create a LIFESTYLE that you can maintain forever. PS. If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can stop reading now. It ain’t happening here girlfriend.

So lets say your goal is to lose 10lbs. Good goal right? Raise you’re hand if you would like to lose 10lbs (do it…*raises hand*)

So lets make it SMART. “I want to lose 10lbs in the next 3 weeks for my sisters wedding.” Not quite. For one, it isn’t realistic for most.

Remember healthy weight loss is between 1-2lbs/week. Aiming for anything more than that is too hard for your body to maintain. Creating a calorie deficit too low will leave you fatigued and lacking results. Not good.

How about, I want to lose 10lbs over the next 7 weeks at a rate of 1.5lbs/week. To achieve this I will do 3 days of cardio – 30 min HIIT, along with 3 days of strength training split upper, lower, and total body for 35 mins each. My caloric goal will be 1500 cals/day.

So is it SMART? You bet.

Specific: 10lbs

Measurable: Scale – 1.5lb/week

Attainable: Most definitely – leaves wiggle room for some wine

Realistic: Do you have 10lbs to lose?

Timely: 7 weeks.

Whew! I feel good. Now pick a goal, and make it SMART. Post your goals below so I can check them out!

Until next time, 

   XO RealFitnessMaven

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