Why You Should Be Doing HIIT for Weight Loss

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). One of the BEST things you can do for weight loss, hands down. Ladies, if you want lean arms, a slim waist, and a round butt – this is the way to get it. Steady state cardio has its place, and once a week its an amazing boost in calorie burn.Continue reading “Why You Should Be Doing HIIT for Weight Loss”

6 Things to Change TODAY to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss.

How many of us have been “saying” we’ll start working out and eating better but haven’t really made it a priority? Or maybe you’re frustrated with your lack of results, and those donuts someone brought to the office are looking pretty damn delicious. Don’t give up! You, yes YOU, are strong enough to overcome thisContinue reading “6 Things to Change TODAY to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss.”

It’s actually happening..

So you’re getting married…like soon. And you haven’t been to the gym once. For one the biggest days of your life?! ….Shit. Yep, you’re screwed. Time to start that lemon water diet your girlfriend told you about. WRONG. First of all, just a quick note here, the human body cannot sustain on lemon and water.Continue reading “It’s actually happening..”